Our Differentiation

Urban Defense Differentiators – at the core:

Our Expertise— Self-defense programs that have spanned more than 25 years developed specifically for urban defense skills. Programs are focused on: Awareness, Safety and Protection (ASAP).

Our Approach— UDC is not just a fitness program. Programs are based on science and philosophical aspects. We offer practical skills for urban defense – situations that people encounter everyday in their lives. Our programs are for everyone – not just the athlete.

Our Belief System— UDC believes that everyone has the right to live, work, be safe and free without fear. We believe that everyone will benefit/thrive from being prepared. We believe that these skills can be used by anyone regardless of skill level. We are committed to helping our clients develop life skills that can be used every single day. Our programs are designed to help our clients lead a better life. And ultimately to LIVE.