Founded in 1996 by Lawrence Whitaker, Urban Defense LLC is the leading provider of self-defense programs within the Philadelphia region. Urban Defense provides its clients with customized self-defense programs – tailored to the specific requirements of the client’s environment. Self-defense is a core element of Urban Defense. Its core foundation is built upon three key principles: Awareness, Safety and Protection. UD provides self-defense programs that are built on a unique foundation of physical science techniques and a philosophical belief system that results in a truly unique approach to self-defense. UDC isn’t merely focused on the physical aspects of defense but on the development of life skills that can be applied every day.

Urban Defense consults with the client first to understand what their primary goals and requirements are and then builds programs based on a very specific set of parameters. Urban Defense focuses on bringing safety, protection, and fitness to the community through programs tailored to different lifestyles in a safe and non-hostile environment.

Urban Defense believes that self-defense is not always an easy topic for people. They may have any uneasy feeling about it in their everyday life but may do nothing about it.

Urban Defense’s motto is:

“It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”